love sms to kasia



Be safe. If anything, take the first flight back to KL. I promise I wont be late.

And I promise it will be different, and i promise that i will get u a job at an int’l documentary distribution agency. I promise i wont take u for granted and will never let u go to movies alone.

I promise i wont sleep in on new years eve & will look into something that cud deliver low voltage shock to me every time u call.

I promise that we wont have to sneak u into my parents hse n that they wont think bad of u. I promise that my family will love u as much as I love them

I don’t do promises unless if i cudv& wud risk it all to keep em… Without u, im more useless then a third knee on my face.

I promise to tuck u in bed every night and make u breakfast every morning.

I promise to make more time for you & to start playing at local scene on regular basis

I promise to go travelling with u at least once a month and to walk, cycle, run, jog or go to the gym with u as often as we possibly do

And I promise that we both will make time for research & applications for our academic & careers

And I promise to leave everything behind before 2014 to go spend the rest of my life with u anywhere u choose & i promise to learn to speak polish

But i wud give up all that my heart desire just so u cud do the things u want instead of what i need

And i will only be satisfied when ur happy, even if it cost me my own happiness

Happy new year and i wudnt trade anything, even my burningman experience with a second of our time being together

Even the worst time with u give me better clarity & purpose than the best time I’ve had with anyone or by myself

Nevertheless, I will be seeing u soon and hope to eventually never have to be on a seperate timezone with u ever again

My life breath ur name and ur love are my best adventure.


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